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Luxx lighting fixtures have set a new standard in the cannabis cultivation industry. Backed by efficiency, reliability, and high-performance, they are built to last for generations. And that’s why American Distribution is a proud distributor of their products.


Prevent pests from spreading diseases in your crop with the help of Quest dehumidifiers. Using innovative technology, they produce maximum results throughout the growth cycle. That’s all the more reason for you to purchase them from American Distribution. ”

Master Controllers

There isn’t an ideal choice for additional protection than Grower’s Choice digital lighting controllers. Control up to 200 fixtures conveniently in a cannabis facility with timed on/off switching. You can count on American Distribution to deliver these products.

Indoor LEDs

Full-spectrum LEDs don’t get better than Efinity’s Superstar series. Since they’re dimmable down up to 0%, they’re perfect to use inside cannabis facilities. It’s hard to find this quality in any other LED – that’s American Distribution’s guarantee.

Can-Fan Max-Fan

With its Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) programs, Max-Fan has set a new standard for performance in the industry. Get Max-Fan and other Can-Fan products delivered right to your doorstep with American Distribution.

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